Nikon Launches 24.2MP D3400 DSLR

If you’ve been around with point-and-shoot cameras and have been using it a lot then you may have already realized its limitations. By this time, you could already have thought about upgrading to something that can offer both versatility and quality wrapped around by ...Read More

Casio’s Strange new 360 Cam

Lately, there has been a surge of new 360 cams. This is perhaps due to the rising awareness over virtual reality headsets that have sprouted. And because of this companies are expecting that 360 cams will become a commodity in the near future. One ...Read More

Samsung’s Gear 360 Camera

With rising demand for VR tech, companies try to entice the consumers even further by delivering additional gadgets to augment the VR realm. And just recently, Samsung divulged their plan to put on sale their version of 360-camera. Samsung’s 360-degree camera, called the Gear ...Read More