5 Best Canon Digital SLR Cameras

On our previous article we talked about the Top 5 Nikon DSLR Cameras now let’s take a look what is Canon’s Top 5 when in comes to Digital SLR Cameras and decide which you think is the best canon dslr.

Canon EOS 60D

A camera for enthusiasts photographers who are looking to move up a level, the Canon EOS 60D comes with features like in camera Raw to jpg conversion, a live view that lets you apply color variations to pictures and menu options that let you correct distortion & chromatic aberration. Even at it’s base ISO the camera provides the user with very high picture detail and resolute sharpness. Low noise levels, good low light performance and well designed ergonomics make this the ideal Canon product to own.

best canon dslr - Canon EOS 60D


Canon EOS 7D

A new AF system, an even brand new shutter system and a Digic 4 dedicated processor made Canon EOS 7D the go to camera for enthusiasts and aspiring professionals. While it does have a slight tendency to overexpose in certain conditions, it’s good low light performance and low noise level tower over that slight snag. Most impressive thing about 7D is it’s battery life which for a camera of such stature seems too good to be true.

best canon dslr - canon eos 7d


Canon EOS Rebel SL1

As a result of downsizing of it’s internal components this is the smallest DSLR on the market. Ideal for women photographers who are likely to have smaller hands and can at times find the handling of regular SLR’s a bit uncomfortable. The light weight of this camera makes it the ideal DSLR to take on a vacation. It gives you the quality of the DSLR minus the weight that you have to lug around with a conventional DSLR. These features makes the Canon EOS Rebel SL1  a worthy candidate for being the best canon dslr.

best canon dslr - Canon EOS Rebel SL1


Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Our final contender for the title of  the  best canon dslr is the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Apart from the name, this camera is nothing like the original 5D. Instead, this is a completely new model which has seen a system overhaul that sees it’s body design based on the 7D and equipped with a 61-point AF system and a 22MP full frame sensor.This camera really takes care of your needs, whether it’s essentials like creating beautiful images in a wide variety of lights or extras like an auto adjusting LCD brightness. All in all this is an absolute top of the line camera and what’s more ? It comes with a dual memory card slot. Now if only i had the money for it.

best canon dslr - Canon EOS 5D Mark III


Canon EOS 700D

An instant upgrade over the short-lived EOS 650 D which had plenty of noise related issues, the 700D comes with plenty of new features, the most popular being the real-time filter preview and the re-designed 360 degree mode dial. In terms of interface it boasted of a very intuitive and in depth touchscreen interface consisting of a new LCD screen that massively minimized finger smudges. This might seem like a non-necessity but try shooting for hours at a stretch and you”ll bless that new LCD a thousand times.

best canon dslr - Canon EOS 700D



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