Taking photos of your holiday home is not an easy job, you need to make it look comfy and appealing for those who can see it. And hiring a professional photographer to do the job is the smartest choice, but if you want to do it yourself, here are some tips to help you out:

Use a digital camera rather than your smartphone camera. Although smartphone camera is more handy and easy to use, nothing beats the quality of photo taken by a professional camera.

Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500

Take note of the weather. You don’t want your property to be gloomy on the eyes of your prospective guests don’t you?! Preferably choose a sunny day to take pictures of your holiday home. White snow works well with bright blue sky, creating a perfect picture of nature and comfort.

Do not include people in your shots. Every guests imagine themselves sitting or staying on the porch of your holiday home or maybe having a picnic on the lawn. And the presence of other people in the picture is kind of off-putting and distracting.

Prioritize. Always think of what attracted you to buy the property. Is it the view? The interiors? Or the location itself? Although your fridge maybe top of the line, but do you think guest will be more interested on that?

holiday home

Focus more on interiors. If you visit many holiday home sites, they often show the exterior of the property. But, most of the time guests would love to see how big the rooms, kitchen and living areas are. Try to show them what they want to see.

Bedrooms, always show them. Assure the guests that they will be sleeping and relaxing on a spacious, clean and comfortable bedrooms. It is also the perfect time for you to show-off your bedroom interiors and what the guest would be expecting to see aside from the beds.

Focus on certain areas. It is always possible that you can’t fit the whole room into one single shot. So the best thing to do is divide it into sections. Shots of coffee on coffee table with magazines and maps or a shot of bean bags or plumped up cushions facing the sofa can certainly be appealing. It will help give people a sense of the atmosphere and imagine themselves that they are spending time there. In case the bedrooms are not big, focus on the headboard preferably at night with soft light, pillows and duvet or comforter.

headboard with lights

Local area. Take a shot of local attractions, landmarks, beaches and market, give your guests an idea on what holiday vacation they can expect. Just make sure to have the proper description of the following explaining the location, a brief history and travel time from your property to get to that specific place.



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