5 Best Nikon DSLR

Nikon and Canon are perhaps 2 of the most popular camera makers in the world. The product quality of these two brands is so high that it becomes increasingly difficult for a buyer to decide the superiority of one product over the other. As a result of their in-exhaustible range of cameras, the choice for a new buyer can be mind boggling.

If you are in the market for a DSLR camera then its safe to assume that you’ve outgrown your point and click and are looking to move into the big boys club of DSLR photography. To help you along, listed below is a list of Nikon DSLR cameras, it is up to you to choose the best Nikon DSLR base on your preference.

Nikon D50

Nikon D50 was aimed to be a less expensive and easily accessible version of the D70. Apart from being an absolute value for money, this camera gained a quick fan-base for it’s low noise levels and punchy vibrant colors even when on default settings. An efficient, affordable digital SLR which can turn out a good yield when used with better lenses.

best nikon dslr - nikon d50


Nikon D200

Introduced during a time when Nikon’s share of the digital camera was fast reducing, this camera with it’s news 11-point AF system, a brand new vertical grip and GPS support managed to shake up the things quite a bit. It was the first 10MP camera in Nikon’s range and got widespread popularity for it’s excellent image quality.

best nikon dslr - nikon d200


Nikon D2 series

Although the D2 series is more than a decade old, many professionals still swear by it. The D2 series was the last set of Nikon Digital SLR camera’s that used the APS-C sensor format meaning that it had a better close focusing distance than newer cameras. Massively popular among wildlife photographers who use it to achieve the effect of an 800mm view while still using the good old 400mm lens.

best nikon dslr - nikon d2 series


Nikon D70

A Multi-CAM900 auto focus system, A 6 megapixel CCD sensor and a sub $1000 price were the main attractions of this camera when it was released in 2004. Still in vogue among hobbyists for it’s ease of use, speed and it’s neutral color balance, the camera also boasts of barely existent usage delays with virtually no startup time. A very feature rich camera that’s capable of producing great looking prints.

best nikon dslr - nikon d70


Nikon D5100

For a mid level camera that’s aimed at aspiring semi-pro photographers, the Nikon D5100 surprisingly comes with the 16.2MP CMOS sensor that the much more expensive D7000 has. Apart from this the D5100 also offers the ISO settings and 14-bit RAW shooting that the D7000 boasts of. This camera is perfect for enthusiasts who have moved on from beginner DSLR’s but find themselves not yet ready for the pro cameras.

best nikon dslr - nikon d5100


There you have it our list of best Nikon DSLR cameras, on our next article we will give you the best canon dslr cameras that you’ll surely enjoy if you are a Canon fan.


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