If you are the type of person that hides something suspicious or illegal on secret pocket of your suitcase, car doors, air plane seats, etc… then your days are numbered.

AS&E (American Science and Engineering) recently released a new X-ray gun which possess impressive features. The Mini Z Backscatter imaging system can see through car doors and locate any contrabands in bags and suitcases. It also has a potential to be synch into Oculus Rift for a full-on X-ray google experience. And what makes it more interesting is, it’s only the size of a breadbox which it makes it more mobile and easy to be carry around.

Mini Z - Iheartcamera.net

This gadget will allow local enforcers and authorities to scan any object in an instant at any security checkpoints or any hard to-reach spots such as under airplane seats, car doors, etc… The Z in its pertains to the company’s mobile ZBV imaging system which is a X-ray-equipped cargo truck capable of seeing what’s inside shipping containers.


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