If you look at DSLR camera, there’s nothing more than a huge lens protruding through it really. Most people even find it boring when compared to smartphone. In an attempt to brighten some things over DSLR, Nikon recently released the Nikon ASC-01. This product is a simple stainless steel insert for your camera’s hot shoe mount.Nikon-ASC 01

How it functions? Well it’s not really very high-tech as it simply slides right into the mount when it’s not in use. But the thing is, it gives your camera some aesthetic upgrade. But before you turn your back, there are actual benefits from this ”bling”.

As it literally covers the hot shoe of your camera, it actually protects it from impacts that can otherwise damage or dent the shoe. Also, it protects it from moisture and that can built up in time. These sorts of stuffs can actually cause some damage and can cause the parts to corrode over time. And when it happens, it will surely require some fortune not to mention the frustration you’ll get.

Nikon ASC 01

Further, you’ll also find it useful especially if you often find the hot shoe caught on your clothes or your bags when you try to take out your gear. You’ve probably felt frustrated a few times with this. With the hot shoe covered, you DSLR’s won’t get in the way when you simply wanted to take it out to capture remarkable moments.  The ASC-01 is quite pricey considering average hot shoe cover typically cost around a few bucks. If you wanted to add style out of an ordinary hot shoe cover, this is the way to go. It is officially for sale in Japan to date.


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