If you’ve been looking for an upgrade for you camera then you’ll be looking for the best choices these days. From the most sophisticated to the most basic, you can have one the suits your needs. Take for instance Phase One’s A-series. This mirrorless medium format camera was set to conquer new heights.


According to dpreview.com, there are three types that will come from this series. Each has its set of things that will surely entertain different levels of users. This series will be available in A250, A260 and A280 versions. It will feature 50MP, 60MP and 80MP respectively. For that, the question if this series will be enough for the task was answered.

This project was done in collaboration with ALPA and for such the versions comes with pre-loaded lens calibrations for Rodenstock ALPA 23mm, 35mm and 70mm lenses. This makes it easier to shoot great looking images out of the box even with little effort from your end.

Some of the mentioned features and accessories made specifically for this system are flexible lens shades, iPhone holder and new release cable. As Phase one is perfectly confident with their product, they have backed it up with 5-year warranty on the system, breaking some second thoughts from the average users.

Alpa 2

Although there is not much yet revealed over this product, Phase One promised to share “more details on the new systems including the new factory lens calibration feature, accessories, detailed tech specs, product images, pricing” this coming December. Even more interesting is that “they will begin shipping!” on that same time. With this addition to their lineup, Phase One is pretty confident to tackle better market share. Hopefully, good pricing will be made out of it.

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