Smartphone cameras are now commonly used over their high-end DSLR cousins, especially for an average joe who doesn’t have the knowledge of the in’s and out of DSLR photography. That is why they find smartphone cameras very much convenient when taking photos, if you are one of these people then these tips are for you:

smartphone photography tips 2

Frame the shot. Take a second to get the right things in the right places in your viewfinder. Make sure the subject is slightly off-centre and is far enough away from the background so that things behind are not in crisp focus.

Forget the flash. While the Moto X’s circular dual-LED flash is leading the way for smartphone camera flashes, they are still best left turned off or used for a flashlight. They sit too close to the sensor and can create harsh and washout pictures – not ideal.

Clean your lens. It might sound obvious, but cleaning your phone’s camera lens is vital when taking a picture. It doesn’t matter how many megapixels your camera is if it’s streaked with fingerprints. Use a microfiber cloth or cleaning fluid for best result.

smartphone photography tips 1

Go where the light is. Some cameras do better with less light than others, but you need some illumination to take a good shot. For the best results try to have the source of the light behind and above you, ideally pointing towards whatever it is that you are taking a picture of.

Boost your zoom. Digital zoom isn’t as powerful as optical zoom, but few phones offer a proper camera lens. Instead you can buy accessories for your existing phone camera, such as Photo jojo’s magnetic lens and the Oppo Clip.

Shooting modes. Whether you’re shooting a landscape or portrait, there’s a mode for that. Since there are few actual moving parts in a smartphone camera, software adjustments are used to make all the difference.

Change your camera. One of the biggest benefits of your phone camera being digital is that if you don’t like it, you can download a new one from the Play store. Google Camera has recently been updated, while Camera ZOOM FX remains popular.

smartphone photography tips 3

Take your time. More often than not, ‘phonegraphers’ snap a photo and share it online instantly. However, if you take your time and set things up just right, you can get some really good pictures from your phone.

Touchscreen tweaks. Google Play is full of photo editing apps from the social Instagram to the advanced Adobe Lightroom, to fix the color, sharpness and saturation of your photos.

Take lots of pictures. With no film to waste and lots of cloud storage options, you can never take too many photos. Experiment and take lots of pictures to learn how to capture a good one. Then you can save your favorites.


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