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Samsung’s Gear 360 Camera

With rising demand for VR tech, companies try to entice the consumers even further by delivering additional gadgets to augment the VR realm. And just recently, Samsung divulged their plan to put on sale their version of 360-camera. Samsung’s 360-degree camera, called the Gear ...Read More

Firmware update for Leica Q

Leica Q is the company’s very capable compact camera. If that’s not enough, Leica has released a firmware update for this camera. The update focuses on improving overall capability and to deliver better overall results. The said released was dubbed firmware update 2.0. These ...Read More

The Zenmuse 3 Camera Drone

It’s a fact that drones have been seen in various applications these days. Before, if you wanted to achieve a perfect aerial shot you have to deal with bigger budget. These days, drone can match such dramatic footages without breaking a bank. For such ...Read More

Nikon Fixed DSLR Glitch

Whenever new hardware is introduced there will surely be some negative things that may happen. Some of these things are almost negligible but some actually affects the end results very negatively. Take for instance the latest hardware found in Nikon DSLRs. It may have ...Read More