Night time photography is nothing short of an art. A look at the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben at night can completely take your breath away. Night time photography allows you to play with elements like light, shadows and exposure which can create mesmerizing effects. With a few tips, you too can tackle this tricky side of photography and capture pro like photographs that speak a thousand words.

Check out these beginner tips that are imperative to help you capture that perfect moment in time:

Scout for Location

Rather than scouting for locations in the dark and trying to figure out which place works for you, try scouting for locations in advance and study the effects of sunset, moon light or sunrise in that location to see what suits you best. If you want to shoot light trails, you can scout for busy traffic roads and find a safe position from where you can shoot light trails or traffic lights in all their glory. It’ll help if you understand exactly what role the lighting will be playing to be able to capture stunning night time photographs.

scout for location

Play around with Settings

In order to get great night shots, first use auto mode or manual mode and once you see the outtakes on your screen, you can adjust the shutter speed as well as aperture to get the right effects. Keep the shutter speed slow and you can set the aperture to f/16 and again play around to see what the outcome is like. Continue playing around with settings till you get the desired look. Use flipkart coupons to get yourself a good quality DSLR which gives you a wide array of options and shooting settings to play around with till you find the right combination.

Aperture Sweet Spot

You might have heard the term acoustic sweet spot where a particular sounds comes off as most pleasing, a similar law applies to your lens as well. While night time photography allows for aperture settings to be between f/8 and f/16, try adjusting the lens in between these two ranges to get the best shot. The lens might not produce the best photo working at maximum or minimum which is why getting a somewhat mid-range or “sweet spot” of your lens and aperture setting will get you the perfect shot. Take a few test shots to figure out what works for you in what lighting!

aperture sweet spot

Use a Tripod

Using a tripod is a great way to get great images at night. Night time photography means slow shutter speed which can last up to 30 seconds, which makes it quite difficult to hold the camera still physically and might result in shaky photographs. Using a stand will give you sharp and crisp photos provided the stand is firmly guarded. You can make use of askmebazaar coupons to get yourself amazing deals on a great DSLR as well as a tripod to further enhance your digital photography, especially the night time photos!

Get Starburst effects

Getting a starburst effect can further add to the magic of your photographs making them look surreal and even more mesmerizing. Keeping the aperture somewhere at f/16 will ensure a depth of both the background and foreground giving you sharp images as well as make street lights, car lights or any other source of light sparkle adding that magic touch you’ve wanted.

Try out these tips that will come in handy to both beginners and pros and remember that photography is all about practice and playing around with lights, objects and elements that comprise your photo. Keep practicing till you get those perfect stills every time!

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