4 Best DSLR Camera 2014

Photography is more than just a hobby or a profession. For some, it is their life. For that reason that many people are looking out for the best cameras available. The highest pixels may not be all that matters. The verdict is always presented with consideration of things like size, weight, built and price. In the era where technology is at its prime, here are some of the great cameras you may own. Its up to you which you will consider as the best dslr camera 2014.

Pentax K-50

One advantage of Nikon and Canon is that they have huge range of lenses and accessories, both official and from third-party suppliers. But that does not imply other brands do not have great offerings. From Pentax, the successor to the K-30, the K-50, is one of those great choices. It has enough power from 16.1 megapixels sensor. Viewing your shots can be enjoyed through its 3.0in LCD. With enough shot of 410 from either Li-ion or 4x AA batteries, you may never be left out from the crowd. Although video capacity is quite limited in this camera, image quality is topnotch matched with a very competitive pricing.

best dslr camera 2014 - Pentax K-50


Canon EOS 70D

This is a mid-ranged camera from a top brand. But don’t be fooled by this fact as this camera is powered by the new sensor featuring 20 megapixels. From it, automatic exposures are brilliant and the details are precise. Further, the resulting image and video quality are all but astounding. It has a new sensor-based autofocus which makes it far easier to use in live view. Noise levels were low as well even up to ISO 5000. For aspiring professionals, this is a great starter kit. A camera worthy of the title, best dslr camera 2014.

best dslr camera 2014 - Canon EOS 70D


Nikon D3200

The Nikon D3200 is a good choice for folks trying to get acquainted to the realms of DSLR. The power from this camera is from its 24-megapixel sensor which is capable of rendering top quality images. Overall usage is very simple, just enough to make shooting tasks better. It features guide mode wherein you can get hints from to make your shooting even easier. Overall, this is a good buy for its features and price.

best dslr camera 2014 - Nikon D3200


Canon EOS 5D Mark III

If price may not haunt you, this camera is a well-rounded choice. This last entry on our list of best dslr camera 2014 is targeted towards the real pros that are already well acquainted with photography. Or perhaps you simply wanted to know more about photography and wanted to upgrade your old DSLR. This is thing for you.  The EOS 5D Mark III features full-frame sensor with enough power in a feature set that’s rounded enough to cover sports, portraits, landscapes  and everything in between. Although this does not come cheap, it got every base covered with its 22-megapixel sensor which is not only awesome in good light but is near-perfect in low-light conditions as well. With Canon’s wide array of lenses, you can have enough upgrades in the future.

best dslr camera 2014 - Canon EOS 5D Mark III



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