So you are into photography and want to be featured in the next Nat Geo photo of the year, but first things first. You need to make sure that all your photo gear are up for the task. DSLR Camera, Memory cards, Tripods, flash guns and laptop for photo editing are a must. But how to choose the best laptop for photographers? What factors do you need to look for?

Things you need in finding the best laptop


Probably the most important factor in finding that one laptop to do the job. Since you will use various photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, you will need to have at least AMD A10 or Intel i5 processor in your laptop in order for the software to run smoothly without any lag.


Also don’t forget to get a laptop that has at least 4GB or more memory in order for the rendering and the photo processing will be much faster.


You will need a bigger storage in order for you to have a place for those high resolution photos after editing them. In recent years the only option you have are external hard drives available in 1 or more Terabytes. Nowadays, you can now choose a solid state drive for a much quicker performance. But the downside of it is that these SSD’s are much expensive than the conventional external hard drives. So we strongly suggest to go for SSD, though much expensive but it will surely be worth it.

Size and Screen Resolution

The size and screen resolution is another vital factor to consider. In order for you to edit your photos properly you will need a lot of room for your photo to edit on. And this can be provided with laptops that has large screen size. And In order for you to bring out the natural beauty of your photos you will need a high resolution screen such that of Apple’s MacBook Pro.


If you often travel and bring your laptop with you, then you should consider getting a laptop that can provide you a longer battery life. If possible, choose one that can last for at least 7 hours between charges.

Though these are optional, but having multiple USB ports, DVD or Blu-Ray and built-in card readers should be taken into consideration. This is to so burning photos into a disc would be a breeze.

There you have it, if you are in the hunt for a laptop to be your next photography buddy, consider the factors mentioned above. Also, you might find these list of best laptops for photographers useful:

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