A camera tripod is a very important part of a photographer’s essential tools. A camera tripod doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to provide the photographer with the support the camera needs. Different types of photographers will need different types of camera tripods.

Food photographers will need a tabletop camera tripod and a tripod that extends tall enough for overhead shots. A tabletop tripod works well for the photographer who shoots a lot of close-ups while allowing them to work hands free, especially in the case of a camera remote. A table top camera tripod is extremely useful when changing shutter speeds that could cause the photo to be blurry if the photographer is holding the camera themselves. A general tripod with a taller extension will allow for tabletop spread photography.

Vanguard VS-82 Table Top Digital Camera Tripod

Photographers taking photos of scenic views or of people will want a tripod that is light weight and easy to move to and from various locations. While a more expensive travel camera tripod is not necessary, one that is lightweight like aluminum is a better option. It’s less expensive than a travel tripod but not as light as a carbon filter tripod.

Travel photographer will appreciate a camera tripod that is collapsible and foldable for travel. General tripods don’t do this, so if a photographer intends to do a lot of traveling it is in their best interest to find a tripod that breaks down and folds for easier travel.

Polaroid Universal Foldable Tripod

Camera tripods are especially useful when capturing movement or for capturing a sunrise or sunset. Trying to do this the handheld way will almost always cause shaky blurry photos. All photographers should consider their lenses when thinking of the type of photography. Purchasing a used lenses can save money but also work in conjunction with a good tripod.

Photographers will want to make sure their camera tripod of choice has smooth moving heads and that the pan/tilt works in a smooth manner. There are three types of heads to consider pan-tilt, ball, and gimbal. No matter which you choose, too much jarring when trying to move the camera around while it’s placed on the tripod could cause the base to become unstable and at worst, the camera could fall.

Vista Explorer 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

Another thing to notice on the camera tripod is the feet. Make sure your feet are changeable for indoor and outdoor use. It goes without saying that a camera tripod must be able to support the weight of your camera, but if you’re using a bunch of attachments and flashes be sure to purchase a tripod built for supporting your extra weight.

Photographers seeking for stable, blur-free photos should invest in a tripod. Camera tripods are an extremely useful tool. A camera tripod can cost under $100 or well over $2000 depending on a photographers needs. The tripod is worth the investment, especially photographers seeking out photography long-term.

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