Anybody who goes from using a typical point and shoot camera to a Digital Single-Lens Reflex or DSLR camera knows that learning about exposure and f-stops can be quite challenging. But then again, you can, most often than not, obtain much better shots with manual settings than with auto settings. Although majority of DSLRs have automatic shooting modes, such devices truly shines with custom controls, and to this regard the EOS 7D from Canon is no exception. Though, it really does have excellent automatic programs. Canon actually designed this camera to address the particular needs and wants of pro photographers and hence you can expect the Canon EOS 7D to offer some extremely exciting features.

Among the best things about this camera, and perhaps one major reason behind the very high Canon EOS 7D ratings, is its capacity to focus very accurately. This Digital SLR from canon boasts of a 19 point cross type AF system, which provides for extremely detailed shooting options. Further, its extensive sensor system enables the camera to select subjects automatically; thereby making every shot more perfect than ever.

Choosing presets on this camera is a breeze, and you for sure would not encounter any problems whatsoever in doing so. It also allows you to create three customized settings of your specific preference.
canon eos 7d review

Indeed, no review of the Canon EOS 7D would be complete without talking about image resolution as well as screen size. The Canon EOS 7D features a 3-inch LCD screen, which appears rather small if compared to the older EOS models. However, it essentially is the exact same size. Older EOS models simply have a framework around the monitor which provides them the appearance of being much bigger. The LCD screen on the EOS 7D is also much more accurate, as opposed to its predecessors.

The Canon EOS 7D has an 18 megapixel image resolution. This device is also self-cleaning. Each time that you switch it on or turn it off, it will quickly vibrate in order to get rid of dust and particles from the superior quality lens. Of course, you can easily turn off this feature in case you do not want it. The EOS 7D also accepts a compact flash or CF card and supports the use of microdrive cards as well, providing you with many options.

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All in all, the Canon EOS 7D is a remarkable piece of equipment. It is purposely designed to compete with the other popular Digital SLR cameras made by other top manufacturers such as Nikon and Sony.

Owing to which, this device is on the higher end of the DSLR price category. It is created to become the top dog within the pro market and is hence priced accordingly. But then again, it is not that hard to find a Canon EOS 7D discounted in terms of price or on sale.

canon eos 7d screen

So, if you want a camera that will always provide you with nothing but professional results, then the EOS 7D is the camera for you!

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