What does the Canon Vixia HF S100 Camcorder do best…flash Dance! If you didn’t already know, Flash dancing with memory is what the Canon Vixia S100 does best. Users are saying that the convenience and ease of use makes sharing this valued HD video very simple. Canon is respected for making legendary broadcast TV lenses and other professional photographic equipment. Yet, they have managed to create a product that is easy to use for the masses.

The CMOS sensor senses images instantly, using similar technology as PDAs and MP3 players. You can record for about six hours and not have to worry about the quality of the recording you’re getting. You will enjoy crisp and highly defined video footage which is immediately transferred as it is recorded onto a SDHC card. You can remove your card and upload it to your computer, reusing the card for the pleasurable experience of extended and flexible file transfers, playbacks and recording spaces.The Canon Vixia HF S100 uses a CMOS sensor that senses images instantly. It uses similar technology as a PDA and MP3 players. This camcorder allows you to record for about six hours without having to worry about the quality of the recording. The recordings are always of professional quality.

canon vixia hfs 100 review

You will notice the crisp and highly defined video footage. The video is recorded onto a removal SDHC card. As soon as you have finished recording simply remove the card and upload it into your computer or television. The card is also allows you to experience extended and flexible file transfers, playbacks and recording spaces.

For those of you who are in the movie industry, you will love the Vixia S100 and here’s why. It records your movies, or just family reels, at a speed of about 24mbps. Among the AVCHD formats, this is the highest for high-quality photography.

canon vixia hfs100 review1

Canon uses face detection software that allows the lens to capture every single detail. The images are stabilized even if you have the shakes. The camcorder has user friendly controls that give you the best sensory equipment that is available. You will never have to worry about having blurry images using this camcorder!!

Flash memory is just something that should be expected from a modern camcorder. Features on this one include:

  • 59 megapixel films
  • image processing
  • auto focus
  • auto exposure
  • varied modes such as cinema, progressive and video snapshot
  • good control
  • LCD screen
  • shoe terminal
  • rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • microphone with audio controls
  • editing software

canon vixia hfs100 review

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There is nothing bad that can be said about the Canon Vixia HF S100 camcorder. It has all the modern technology that Canon is famous for, all bundled together in a tidy little package for those of us whose main career might not be film making.

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