There’s been a craze over the toughest crystal for the camera lens. Well, it should be as the lens receives a lot abuse that won’t just ruin your shots but can ruin your wallet as well. Then recently, a new company called Novo, unveiled their new lines of lens filters that features the very tough sapphire crystal. Although the same approach is not new, as Apple had taken the same step for their Iphone 5 camera lens, this is the first time for standalone cameras.lens filter

The main target, of course, is DSLR camera lenses. Novo is getting ready to launch their new line of camera lens filters that could be a hit for photographers. The lineup actually includes not just the world’s first sapphire crystal glass filter but also Gorilla Glass for the same purpose.

Novo has divided their filters into four different lines. These will be called Sapphire UV, Endura UV & Protector, Endura Circular PL, and Endural Vari ND. The Sapphire UV filter will be the one that will utilize sapphire crystal glass for that “incomparable strength and clarity” says the company. Scientifically speaking, Sapphire has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This simply indicates that it really is significantly stronger and has better scratch resistance than standard glass filters. Plus it’s also quite resistant to both water and oil so it can really handle the challenge of outdoor environment.

The Sapphire UV has great optical transmission qualities which allows for up to 99.9% of light through it. And to further enhance that feature, the same glass is able to block 99.95% of UV wavelengths. Also, Novo claims that the Sapphire UV filter is the world’s slimmest frame which measures at 2.38mm thick. These filters will be delivered by the later part of this year which should come between 40mm and 82mm.


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