We have been all fascinated with beautiful sceneries, luscious greeneries and unique events that catches our attention. And that’s why camera is invented and photography is born, to capture those moments as it unfolds and have it freeze in time.

Is it hard? Learning photography is not that easy, not unless that you are born with the skill of eyeing the beautiful angles of something or anything. Photography requires both artistry and an eye for beauty. But, the great thing about this hobby is that you can improve it every time you snap that camera of yours. The saying “Practice makes perfect” literally applies here.

Where to learn it? There are several ways on how you can enhance your photography hobby. You can have a photographer teach or mentor you or you can do it yourself and get inspiration from Instagram, sceneries around you or joining a community of fellow photographers both professional and amateurs. This is where FocusFixed comes in.

What it is?

Focusfixed is a website that organizes free and paid competitions and online photo contest which is open worldwide where you can join, interact with fellow photographers and win some amazing prices. You can share your photo of animals, wildlife, landmarks, nature, people, architecture, festivals, outdoors and a lot more.

Why Join?

As an amateur photographer, you are always in need of a teacher, mentor or something that will inspire you to continue what you are doing or will guide you on what are the things that needs improvement or probably photo gears that you need to up your photography skill. And the website has just that. The website are consist of amateur and professional photographers whom you can talk interact and change ideas with. Not to mention the bragging rights you get if you are one of the winner in their contests or competition. If you are not interested on joining the competitions, you can browse their blog section where tips on how to be a successful photographer are being given for each readers for free.

How to Join?

Joining is as simple as 1-2-3. Just head to FocusFixed website, signup, and you’re done. You are now part of the fastest growing photography community online. You can also download their app on Google Play or App Store.

Word of Advice

To be a photographer, just like any other job, one needs to put his/her heart into it. Your images will tell how good you are as a photographer.

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