A weight of difference. Surprisingly for a full-frame body, the Nikon D810 weighs under a kilogram. At 880g it’s far lighter than the 1.34kg D4, as well as far smaller, by 10 to 20mm all round. This makes the D810 far more portable and a preferred option when you’re shooting subjects that require you to do a lot of walking.

Higher native resolution. The D810’s 36.3-megapixel resolution is incredibly impressive, giving it over double the pixel count of the D4. This may not be hugely beneficial for action, as there are more pixels for the subject to move across, requiring a faster shutter speed, but landscape, seascape and wedding photographers will  see serious gains from this.

Nikon D810 vs Nikon D4

A solid base. Both models benefit from a sealed body, preventing both water and dust from infiltrating. This makes both the D4 and D810 excellent choices for shooting anything outdoors. This, combined with the reduced bulk of the D810, means that even though the D4 may look more rugged, both are equally ready for action.

The price is right. The two-year age difference between the two models favors the much newer D810. As a result, many of the latter’s specs are very similar, if not superior, to those of the D4, making the $1000/$1400-plus difference hard to justify, especially as the D4 is quite hard to source new.

Nikon D810
Nikon D4
Pro-friendly. Fitting between the D750 and D4s in Nikon’s range, the Nikon D810 is more of a professional-level model than those below it.Hard to find. The Nikon D4 has been superseded by the D4S, which is very similar in terms of specs, and sits at the top of the SLR pyramid.
3MP FX format sensor. With the highest pixel count of any current Nikon, the D810 offers an incredible level of detail.11fps burst rate. This speed-focused model has a high burst rate and wide ISO range, allowing it to capture the action with ease.
No Optical Low Pass filter. By removing the optical low pass filter, the highest possible level of detail is preserved.2MP sensor. Having a comparatively low pixel count means the D4 can take more images than the D810 without filling the buffer.
High-res screen. Thanks to the 1,229,000dot, 3.2-inch LCD, images can be composed and reviewed in the best possible level of detail.Robust build. The weather-sealed body of the D4 is ready for anything, indoors or out, as is the 400,000-cycle shutter.



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