These days, the virtual reality realm really has been upped by several companies. Well, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a nice market for this these days and companies are really trying to win over customers in this emerging market. Of course, we cannot deny that better camera will result to better VR experience. And for some companies, more cameras will do it better. Now, will this make the result even better?

Recently, GoPro has announced that it will up the VR experience through their six-camera “Omni” virtual reality. And the company will start shipping preorder units on August 17th of this year. The price? It’s a whopping $5,000. Well if you’re into making VR experience more intense this might just fit your needs. The setup includes six Hero 4 Black cameras, the cube-shaped metal housing, and all the hardware and software necessary to film and stitch the 360-degree footage needed for VR.

Yes, the price is quite steep for average consumer. It’s quite obvious that the primary targets are the production companies willing to shell that huge amount. But then, there’s an option for you, if you already own a bunch of Hero 4 Blacks that is. GoPro sells a prorated version of this package. That is without the cameras, with lesser equipment and no software license, all for the price of $1,500.

omni gopro 6

Although there has been a few camera setup similar to Omni, the way it delivers the goods is another story. While “older” approach was done through aligning the cameras the right way, Omni do this by actually plugging each camera into a central “brain”. This is where it syncs the cameras at the pixel level resulting to a much better stitching. Also worth noting, Omni syncs the settings of each GoPro camera connected in the system. This way you only have to deal with one main camera when you need to those minute changes.

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