We all know how popular social media is today. Many people are into sharing photos and their most loved moments online. Thus many devices such as smartphones have been integrating various apps and functionalities onto their system so they can make boost in sales. But these devices were actually made after the advent of social media such as Instagram. But what if you can make a device around the platform of a social media?

That is what Otto has been intended for. Unlike an average devices or camera which was built for other purposes then was added functionalities to suit other needs, Next Thing ‘s Otto is the first camera built entirely around the advent of Instagram. This makes it a perfect choice for those precious moments worth sharing.

Otto Camera

Otto’s default mode uses its bright, f/2 aperture, glass lens and quarter-inch CMOS sensor to make the stop-action movies commonly known as GIFs pretty easier. Of course you can come up with the same effect with your DLSR but the thing is, this camera makes it even easier. The crank on top takes an image on each clockwise movement. When you stop cranking, you can easily set up your props for those Instagram worthy photos and GIFs.

When done, you can reverse the crank, and a GIF is born and can be sent directly to your phone for faster sharing online. You can do stills, slo-mo and time-lapse videos in this camera which can also be shared immediately through your iOS or Android-compatible device through Otto’s local-area Wi-Fi.

Otto uses Raspberry Pi. This is a tiny open-source computer being used for variety of applications such as DIY home-alarm systems. This is a “hackable” system so users can expect Otto’s functionalities to expand as its popularity grows. With a system that can be twisted by the user, expect many enthusiasts to go after this camera.


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