Sometimes it’s just better to see the whole picture than just capturing a fraction of it. This is why panoramic cameras were conceived. These days, even smartphones have this feature making panoramic photos very simple. But what can be better than this? Well, if you can take shots from multiple cameras at a time and stitch all of it in one piece that would be perfect. And that’s how exactly Panono is capable of.

With a size of a grapefruit and weighing approximately 440 grams, this odd looking camera has got everything covered, literally. Its 36 cameras can be triggered when it’s thrown in the air. This way, it can capture the panoramic view of the place in all directions. The stitching is done by Panono cloud service.

panono panoramic camera

With all that panoramic views and 36 cameras, the resulting images comes at astonishing 108 Megapixel. That may sound absurd and alarming considering how many photos you can only store in it but fortunately Panono can store up to 400 images through its internal memory. Of course, you can transfer the photos to your PC via WLAN or your USB cable.

panono sample

Although, not yet available in the market, this camera is very promising. The company said it will available in Spring of 2015. But if you are curious how this camera works and how capable it is, you can visit their website wherein you can browse, pan and rotate images taken from this camera. The resulting photos are breathtaking making you think that simple photos can be made better. And by the way, when you throw the camera into the air, make sure you catch it.


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