If you’re a fan a full frame DSLR camera or simply starting small steps towards being a pro, you may find this new offer from Samyang very interesting. Just recently, Samyang introduced their new manual focus lenses destined to serve full frame DSLR cameras. These are the 20mm F1.8 photo lens and 20mm T1.9 cine lens. Samyang is an optics company from Korea that offers quality lenses for DSLR worldwide. As the company is known to offer wide and bright lenses, it was no-brainer that their 20mm series adopted bright F1.8 aperture. This is to provide wide angle for interior shots and landscapes.

Both of these lenses have a bright aperture of F1.8. It is equivalent of T1.9 for cine lenses. In other words, the aim is to offer best quality images under varying lighting conditions with ease. Another thing to note is that the new Samyang features a lightweight construction to achieve better overall portability and convenience.

Samyang Optics has one of the exceptional optical technologies with 13 glasses in 12 groups used to create among the best image quality possible. And among these 13 glasses, there are 2 aspherical lenses and 3 extra-low dispersion lenses per lens.

samyang 20mm

This is to minimize aberration and that degrading light dispersion thus delivering high resolution from center through corners of the captured images.

Comparing among the ultra-wide 14mm through wide-standard 24mm, the 20mm lens is the one that possesses the right compromise that fits to explore wide angles not only for shooting indoor images but for street snaps as well. Price-wise, the 20mm F1.8 photo lens comes at € 499 and € 549 for 20mm T1.9 cine lens.

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