Photography is a great art. In previous days, people studied photography, attended courses, and got themselves trained through different course assignment and practices to take perfect shots. But, with the revolution of smartphones, internet and Instagram, selfies have become more popular. But, there are some common mistakes that people make while taking selfie which makes the photo look bad, and here are some of them.

The background or the atmosphere

People when taking photos do not care much about the background or the atmosphere. Selfies are meant to take pictures of their own. So, what people do care is that they and the expression they give that has to be portrayed in the photograph. So, they do not care much about the background, the contrast of colors etc.


Continuously pay consideration on the lighting as it ought to dependably be adequate. The best sort of lighting is daylight. Inadequacy in common sunshine obliges electric lights. Make sure that the light is not cast downwards, but rather centered on you.

Style of Dress

How to pick the right one; an amazingly vital consideration for acquiring an incredible photograph is your dress. Your clothing ought to be not excessively dressy but rather it ought to likewise not be too plain. Dresses, pinafores, distinctive styles of skirt and in addition dazzling tops are splendidly suitable. No one can keep you from wearing pants or trousers, on the other hand, at any rate attempt to evade this manly sort of garments on your photographs. Try not to wear an excess of adornments and it is best not to wear a ring.

Fitting of garments and its shading

Your garments ought to be fitting. Your garments need to suit you and attract consideration regarding your benefits while hiding your deficiencies. Purchase yourself something new after a meeting with somebody in the shop. Likewise request men’s feelings in respect to whether the garments suit you or not. Try not to wear garments that are kaleidoscopic or too splendid. It is suggested that garments ought to match the hair shading and eyes.

Try not to exaggerate with beautifying agents and haircut

Try not to wear a lot of make-up and don’t go for intricate haircuts. Sometimes, people try to take a different pose photograph which can turn to be a flop.

Photographs on diverse days

Don’t simply take one photograph on one day. Take a few shots more than a few days. Along these lines you can change your manner and the photo likewise to get the absolute best look. On diverse days, you can create distinctive scenes and settings for the shoot; in time you may even come to appreciate this pastime and take numerous more lovely and intriguing photos.

If you want to produce best Instagram photos or selfies, you should take into consideration the things that have been mentioned above. People take photos or selfies for their own happiness or just to share with their besties. However, it is good to know the common mistakes so you can have a more satisfying and “like-worthy” photo in Instagram.

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