No matter if you are new towards the world of DSLRs, or are a seasoned photographer who desires to attempt your luck at video, the Canon eos Rebel T2i is ideal. I’ve had absolutely nothing but good experiences with it so far, and hugely advise it to everybody. Other than the Canon eos Rebel T2i, I own (and mostly shoot with) the Rebel XS (1000D), and also have extensive experience with the Canon 50D. Whilst my XS nonetheless serves me extremely effectively, I wanted to obtain an SLR with video capabilities because the release of the T1i. Following lastly saving up enough for the T1i, I truly lucked out that Canon announced the Canon eos Rebel T2i, which has even superior functions! I am lucky enough to finally have it, and want to share my experiences, and how they compare to my expectations.


The Canon eos Rebel T2i is extremely smaller and light. It isn’t weather-sealed or as durable as a few of the more expensive SLRs, however it does not “feel cheap” in my opinion. It functions a 3-inch LCD (in comparison with the Rebel XS’s 2.5 inch screen), which also features a really high resolution. It looks lovely! Auto-focus is rapidly, and I’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of the photos and videos I’ve taken so far.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i review

Image Quality

I feared that cramming countless megapixels onto this sensor, there could be a lot of image ‘noise’ (the megapixel myth). This thankfully hasn’t been an issue, and I’ve been really pleased with the images taken with this camera! Aside from White Balance problems (see below, Cons), image high quality is fairly very good!


Some individuals have disparagingly stated that Video on DSLRs is just a gimmick. I disagree. Depending on sample clips I’d seen on YouTube, I was excited about having an HDSLR, and even though videos are occasionally shaky when you don’t have very steady hands, a tripod eliminates those concerns. Audio excellent on the T1i was criticized by a lot of, but the Canon eos Rebel T2i has a microphone input jack, which will allow you to connect a mic. I don’t but personal 1 so cannot comment on that feature, but will update this review if and when I save enough to try this function out. Additionally, this provides improved recording alternatives, including higher fps (frames per second) than the T1i, which technically supplied “true HD” recording of 1080, but only at a choppy 20 fps.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i review

Low-light Efficiency

I am significantly much more impressed than I expected. My Rebel XS could go as much as ISO 1600, but would perform fairly poorly there. This not simply can go up to a considerably greater ISO level, but performs substantially greater. Much less image noise implies you’ve to waste less time editing your pics, and several more keepers!

SDXC Support

Only own SDHC cards up until now, but it’s fantastic to understand that this supports the next generation of flash storage, which signifies you will in the future be able to hold quite a few extra pictures than at present out there.

Canon eos Rebel T2i CONS

Not a full-frame

This is not a full-frame SLR like the Canon 5D Mark II, and the APS-C sized sensor outcomes in a crop aspect (1.6x), and doesn’t necessarily present the exact same image quality because the larger, full-frame sensor does. Nonetheless, at less than half the price of the Mark II, I think this is a trade-off that’s well worth it for many users.

Crop aspect indicates that this camera, like other Canon DSLRs that have the APS-C size image sensor, will not be correct towards the lens’s designation. A 50mm lens will produce an image more in line with 50mm x 1.6, or 80mm on a full-frame. This not simply makes a distinction for those who choose to do landscape photography (which ordinarily rewards from wide-angle views), but for those with unsteady hands. The general logic is that to ensure a steady shot, you need to shoot in the reciprocal of your focal length. So for a 50mm focal length, you need to be shooting at a speed quicker than 1/50 second for a steady shot. Keeping the crop aspect in thoughts, you definitely should really be shooting at a speed more quickly than 1/80 a second.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i review1

Crop variables are popular for most digital SLRs, as full-frame sensors jack up the price of production, that are then passed on for the consumer in the kind of quite costly cameras. So it really is not so substantially a shortcoming from the Rebel T2i, but just a note to help keep within the back of one’s thoughts.

Various Battery

This can be much more of a hassle for all those who owned spare batteries than for all those whose initially SLR could be the Canon eos Rebel T2i, but Canon changed the battery. Again, not such a significant deal, but could be a hassle for some who come across out that their old batteries cannot be applied on this model.

White Balance

I found that the ‘Auto’ White-Balance setting was wildly inaccurate on my Rebel XS (normally giving indoor shots a yellow tint unless I changed the WB to the ‘Incandescent Light’ mode), and I really feel that the WB settings on this model nonetheless are not as precise as they should be. If you would like truly accurate WB, you’ll be able to use a gray card, or an option could be to merely attempt digitally editing the photographs on your laptop or computer soon after shooting.

No Articulating Screen

No articulating screen, but this is an uncommon function in DSLR’s in general, so it really is not a shortcoming with the Canon eos Rebel T2i. Since most of your shots will almost certainly be composed making use of the viewfinder, not a big deal, even though it would happen to be convenient!

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Canon eos Rebel T2i is not that perfect but it is a remarkable SLR to own. But don’t take my word for it, check out other reviews as well.

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