If you have an interest in photography but are not that great at taking photos, then these tips will help you out. Before you start snapping away, be sure to purchase a professional camera. This way your photos will come out looking as though they were taken professionally.

Keep reading to learn the Top 11 Tips to Taking Better Photos from Dublin Photographer Ian Leaf.

  1. Lighting

When taking photos, it is critical to try and use natural light. The best time to take photos is during the day. You can take them outside or inside. If you take them inside, you can take photos in a room where the sun shines through. All you have to do is pull open the drapes or pull up the blinds to get all the lighting you can. If you have to take a picture after dark, then make sure to use your flash. Leave the lights on in your house to get some light in your photo.

  1. Angle

The angle that you have the camera is also important. When pointing it at someone or something, try to have the camera as low to the ground as possible so that the image will be proportional.


  1. Taking Pictures Continuously

A great tip would be to take pictures over and over. Especially if you are taking photos of babies, you never know when you will get the best picture. Keep taking pictures over and over and over. Take as many as you can, and you can go back later and delete some or most of them. You have to think that there will be at least one great picture in the bunch.

  1. Getting up Close and Personal

Another great tip is to get as close to the object or person as you can. When you get up close, you can see every little detail. It makes for great pictures.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Go out of the house and take photos of anything you can find whether it is children playing or a beautiful sunset. The more pictures you take, the better at it you will get.

  1. Putting Photos On the Internet?

This is a big tip that you must follow especially when you are taking photos of family and friends. They may not want their picture blasted all over social media websites. It is best to ask them if it is okay before you do something like that.

  1. Look Around Before You Take Your Photo

Before you start snapping, make sure you get a look at the scenery around you. There may be something beautiful, and a great action shot right in front of you, but there may also be something even more appealing to the left or right of you.


  1. Using Your Camera Often

Since you plan on using your camera every day to take as many pictures as you can, you can run out of batteries fast if you do not charge them. Make sure you charge your batteries every day before going to bed, so it will be ready for you in the morning.

  1. Hope For the Best

If your passion is photography and you want this to be a career, then you have to be patient especially when you are taking photos of people. All you can do is hope for the best and have a positive attitude.

  1. Props

Using props in your photos will turn out great, but you have to realize that these take time to set up. Make sure you are using the right props that go with the image you are trying to capture.

  1. Effects

Once you have been through all the pictures you have taken for that day, you may have the urge to edit your photos. That is a great idea but make sure you do it at the end instead of editing after every picture you take.


Now that you have taken better photos after following these eleven photography tips, you can choose to keep them and show them off to your friends and family. You could also use them to keep in a portfolio if you choose to make a career out of photography.


Author Bio:

Ian Leaf is a photographer from Dublin who specializes in outdoor and nature photography. Ian Leaf travels the world on his search for the next great shot but has a particular affinity for Switzerland, the United Kingdom and of course, Dublin, Ireland.  You can follow Ian Leaf on Twitter.


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